Subterranean Parking Alonso de Córdova

The project is developed in Alonso de Córdova, one of the main commercial avenues of Santiago, located between the communes of Vitacura and Las Condes.

The challenge of the project is to put in value the place, reformulating streets, sidewalks, public infrastructure, urban facilities, and creating subterranean parkings with complementary services. The project will enhance the Alonso de Cordova avenue to the level of the most important avenues in Latin America and in the world.

El preeliminary project was developed in three sections, in charge of the architects Amunategui Barreau, Enrique Concha, and Arquitectura De Mizrahi with collaboration of ADEDO

The subterranean levels are an opportunity to return urban life to the city, without intervening with invasive constructions that impair the the quality of life of the neighborgood. Immersing traffic flow and parking so that street opens to the people, returning its ability to congregate, enhancing the commerce and improving public space.