Promenade of Arts

Due to the constant flooding in the commune of La Reina, due to overflow of the De Ramón estuary in a stretch of the canal between Príncipe de Gales and Aguas Claras avenues, it was decided to build a new duct with greater capacity, replacing the existing canal, but remaining the old canal without use and closed, becoming a residual, dark and dirty space.

The “Promenade of Arts” project consists in transforming this place into a pedestrian promenade, improving the connection between the Príncipe de Gales, Mateo de Toro y Zambrano and Aguas Claras avenues, reactivating La Quintrala Commercial Center, recovering green areas and generating a new public cultural space for the neighborhood, in one of the most important sectors of the commune.

This innovative intervention brings value to the culture and history of the neighborhood, where local artists will be in charge of painting the walls and floor, creating a great work of art, a place of attraction and a new milestone for the commune and the city.