Proposal / Competition LAGI 2019 Abu Dhabi

Masdar Square: Energy Leaves

Energy Leaves is a proposal to be the central piece for Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, an iconic work of art, providing the city with renewable energy and a square for the community.

Inspired by the natural plants’ leaves that catch energy from the sun, the project makes the most of solar energy through the leaves-shaped structure coated with photovoltaic panels, and explores geothermal energy through the underground systems. The project works as a hybrid solar-geothermal power generator that optimizes energy opportunities of the local environment, to deliver energy and water to the city.

The architecture featured in the project represents the national identity inspired by the plants as a symbol of renewable energy sources, by the energy playing on dunes in the desert and on the waves in the sea, and by the traditional Arabic arts, from calligraphy to architecture.

Energy Leaves is conceived as a gateway to Masdar City, positioned as a world landmark and a symbol of renewable energy, inspiring people, challenging assumptions and setting an example on sustainability for cities around the world.